Disposable field should be disposed

TypeName DisposableFieldShouldBeDisposed
CheckId BC1003
Category Usage
Breaking NonBreaking

This rule is meant to replace the Microsoft-provided DisposableFieldsShouldBeDisposed rule. This rule differs from the similar Microsoft-provided rule in two important ways:
  1. It is more aggressive when identifying disposable fields. (See https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/485291/typesthatowndisposablefieldsshouldbedisposable-rule-ca1001-is-too-permissive for details.)
  2. It does not exclude an IComponent field from consideration unless there is a disposed IContainer field in the class. (N.B.: The rule does not check whether the IComponent field is added to a disposed IContainer.)
  3. It allows configuration of a list of methods which are used as disposition helpers. Passing a field value as any argument (including as an argument of a parameter array) of one of these methods will be considered equivalent to invoking that field's Dispose() method directly.

See the documentation for the DisposableFieldsShouldBeDisposed rule for problem and fix details.

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